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I LOVE to eat so I taught myself how to cook.  I love trying out new meals and I will love to share them with you! 

*DO NOT let the pictures fool you!* 

- The pizza is almond flour crust with raw milk cheese.  

- The salmon is baked with a greek yogurt mixture and yogurt cheese (HEB has it and I LOVE it as much as my other cheeses)

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit and I eat a lot of it.  I ALWAYS start my day off with a small handful of Goji Berries and then a bowl of mixed fruit with my coffee! 

- The chicken wings are baked and YES they are crispy!  It is a homemade healthy version of a sweet honey mustard mixture.

- Jalepenos MmMmMmmm! I eat up to 5 a day sometimes.  I eat a majority of my food extremely spicy but my recipes will be toned down for you! 

Jamie Nay